Current activities 

A little update on where I’ve been and what’s coming next.

Prior to this I have failed to post any new content in over a month. Where have I been? What have I been doing? I’m sure theres are questions you don’t care to have the answers for,  but I am going to tell you them none the less. 

First off, at the beggining of June I took an amazing trip to New York City with my girlfirend. My parents had been doing a tour from San Francisco to Yosimite and then to Vegas before flying to New York. My father had no idea that I would be joining them in New York. When I arrived at the Fitzpatrick on Lexington Avenue and pretended to be room service, to describe my Fathers reaction as the definition of elation would be an understatement! 

The rest of the trip was magical, taking a trip around Central Park in a horse cart, going across Brooklyn Bridge, witnessing the views from atop the famed Empire State and dining in the acclaimed Capital Grill in the Chrysler building. An expierence I will treasure forever. 

Since New York, I have been back to work, still as a Probation Officer, with a new, far more relaxed attitude. I have discovered a rebirth of favour for my role and have since had many positive encounters with people using the service. This is really good for me, I won’t touch very often on employment as that was never the idea inspiring this blog, however, it’s worth mentioning how rewarding it feels watching someone change their life around for the better thanks to your help. 

I must admitt however the main reason my posts stopped are due to a game and how deeply I have been drawn into it. The last time I felt the immense gravity of a game like this is when I first started playing Warframe at the beginning of my Masters degree. It sucked me in and I spent well over 1000 hours in the game. So, as a blog that I posted towards the end of May is remembered, the game that has drawn me in and secured all of my free time with its seductive clutches, is Final Fantasy 14. This game will be getting another post as I am now more versed in its experience and completely encapsulated by its story. 

This isnt to say that all I have been doing is FFXIV. I have finally finished the manga RAVE, a truly incredible reading experience and one that I would recommend to all. I have been introduced to Killing Floor 2, I took up badminton and sqaush and I’ve also managed to spend time with family, something that I regretfully let dimish.

I guess the real purpose of this post is to say thanks to you who have followed me, to you who read through my waffle and come back for more and to say,  while waving my arms frantically, I am still here, still writing and will have more for you soon. 

As always suggestions are welcome, I’m thinking of doing a Top 5 Mechs list and a Top 5 Anime list next. Let me know thoughts! Thanks for reading! 



Author: A Guy Called Kane

Hi I'm a guy called Kane! I'm an avid gamer, anime watcher, manga reader and drum & bass fanatic. I live in the South East of England, mastered in Political Security, and work as a Probation Officer. Topic suggestions welcome!!

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