First thoughts: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

My thoughts on FFXIV as a May 2017 new starter


I’ve got myself a few new games recently, not that they are new releases, just new to me. I bought Overwatch about three weeks ago and have been engrossed in its incredible gameplay, but sadly without friends to play it with all the time I’ve found myself returning to Warframe and 7 Days to Die in order to entertain myself. Thats not to say I dislike the game, I don’t, the game is amazing and if you don’t have it I seriously suggest you buck up and fork out for it.

Warframe and 7 Days to Die are two of my favourite games, but I’ve played the hell out of them and just have the urge for something new. With the remastering of Final Fantasy XII just around the corner and the remake of Final Fantasy VII in development, I have a tremendous Final Fantasy itch that needs to be scratched. As such, I finally decided to download Final Fantasy XIV online and start a new magical MMORPG adventure and I have to say I am utterly hooked in. 

I have played around 8 hours so far and FFXIV has already refreshed my love for role playing games, I am literally revelling in its enormity and scope that I cant help but be on the edge of my seat as I play thanks to its complex and engrossing gameplay. I used to play an assortment of MMORPG games when I was in secondary school; Runescape, Tibia, BSG online, Defiance (if it counts). I have always enjoyed the way they draw me out of my world and into the character I create and then make me feel as though I’m truly part of a living and breathing fantasy land. Already I am reminded of this sensation within the first few hours of the game and it honestly makes me giddy! 

For FFXIV I have started off as a a Hyur Highlander with Lancer class type named Doragon Hitogoroshi (Japanese for dragon slayer, thought I was being original) . One of my favourite characters in the Final Fantasy universe is a Dragoon called Kain from Final Fantasy IV, he was broody and complex with powerful abilities and an uniquely designed set of armour. Thus when I found out that I could weild a polearm and don the Dragoon armour I was immediately sold on the game. It is now my purpose in life to become a guy called Kain…. 

The gameplay is solid, and more than I had hoped for. Allowing me to develop a character type the way I want and combo techniques in combat as I see fit really gives me the sense that this character is my own and that I play him my own way. Whats more is the addicting development structure of the character through levelling up and assigning skill points, mastering a class and honing my skills to fulfill a particular role when I finally get that online MMORPG group experience. 

So, in summary, it’s safe to say that my first impressions of this game are really promising. Graphically it’s well presented, has good depth which I’m blissfully lost in, and offers an actually somewhat compelling storyline right from the get go, which is what I believe to be most Final Fantasy games standout characteristics. I’m going to be investing some serious time into this game over the next few weeks and I’m hoping it keeps me coming back for more! I’ll let you guys know how it goes! 

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!!  

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