My Ideal Generation 3 Pokémon team

My Ideal team for the third generation of Pokémon.


Knowing that I would be writing about my generation 3 team got me really excited. The second and third generations of Pokémon are undeniably my favourite generations. When I first got my hands on Pokémon Sapphire I was in london with my parents and they bought me it in Hamleys. I was so excitied to play it that I ignored half of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang show we went to see and chose instead to spend my time looking over the box art and reading the text on the back! 

I really appreciated the jump from Gameboy Colour to Gameboy Advanced graphics and gameplay. The face of Pokémon changed between generations 2 and 3 with a new skin, and a truly new region to explore! Below is my ideal team for the third generation with some honourable mentions for those that didnt make the grade. 


The first spot on my team goes to my favourite avian Pokémon; Swellow. This bird is fast, strong and durable and is in my opinion one of the best flying types in the series. I always pick up a Tailow as early as possible in order to get my trusty Swellow that almost always comes through in a pinch. Sleek yet simple design and an abundance of coolness, Swellow is always flying high in my squad. 


This ferocious snake Pokémon always finds a spot on my generation 3 team. I really like Poison type Pokémon as they often inflict debilitating status effects in battle that cause opponents a lot of grief. Seviper is an interestingly designed snake with gold markings and a red bladed tail. Its huge fangs are intimidating and its outwards expression is always very cunning and sly. Seviper also has access to powerful poison and dark type moves that actually make it quite versatile. 


I obviously have a very specifc way of building a team, a cool Pokémon , a mascot like Pokémon, a tank Pokémon; I just enjoy having that balance in my team. Aggron is one of my favourite steel type Pokémon out there and an incredibly effective tank to have on a team. Dual typing with rock, Aggron is incredibly slow in battle, however due to its typing it can unleash some of the most devastating Pokémon attacks in the games. I always liked the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, Aggron is my metal version of the king of the dinosaurs. 


Its a floating head with large protruding horns, brilliantly unique and horrifyingly cool. Seriously where is the rest of its body?  How does it eat? How does it float?! Aside from these questions remaning unanswered, Glalie is undoubtedly my favourite pure ice type Pokémon. Having the most balanced stats in the game and a mega-evolution to boot, Glalie is a well rounded Pokémon to have on team! Damn, look at that smile, its like an oral B advert! 


Once again choosing a water type proves to be very difficult for me, especially when the third generation is full of some really interesting water types. Swampert takes the water type crown of the third generation for me. The dual water and ground type packs one hell of a punch and has access to an even more overpowering mega-evolution. With an impressive array of moves, decent stats and a great design, Swampert is on of my favourite water types ever and truly deserves the spot on this team. 

My final Pokémon for the 3rd generation, and my all time favourite Pokémon ever; Absol, the disaster Pokémon. I love the design of this Pokémon, the white fur, dark skin and sickle style horn protruding from its head makes it such a unique look. Adding to this is its mega-evolution which makes its design even more impressive. Don’t misunderstand however, this Pokémon is much more than just a creative design. Absol has frightening raw attack power that can be put behind so many different types of moves. Absol has a fairly tragic backstory whereby it can sense natural disasters and when it tries to warn humans, ends up getting blamed for them instead. Everything about this Pokémon is perfect for me; design, setting, power. Absol will forever remain my favourite!

Honourable mentions:

Flygon – Probably my greatest surprise of the third generation considering evolving from a litlle sandcrab. Flygon has an interesting design and is competitively powerful. 

Plusle and Minun – With the introduction of double battles in the thrid generation this electric tag team stand out as a fun little duo to have on your team. Minun is my preferred however and was part of my original team. 

Metagross – A steel type with psychic power mixed in, Metagross is a qseudo-legendary metal crab that has immense power and a versatile move base. 

Milotic – A Pokémon that can be described as beautiful, Milotic is a water type that encapsulates the true essence of watery elegance, only missing out on my team because Swampert offers much more diversity in combat. 

This has probably been my favourite list to write up, the adventure I had across the Hoenn region is probably the most memorable for me. When the 3DS remakes of Sapphire and Ruby hit the shelves I rejoiced in Pokémon glee. 
What did you think of my team for the third generation? What would your team be? Let me know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading! 

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