My Ideal Generation 2 Pokémon team

My ideal team for the second generation of Pokémon


I’m on a bit of a Pokémon hype at the moment. I’ve managed to get into the grind to beat the Elite Four on Pokémon Blue and am looking straight on ahead at my next Pokémon venture: Pokémon Soul Silver! I really struggle to pick between generation 2 and generation 3 for my favourite generation of Pokémon. Two of my favourite types were introduce in generation 2 and then generation 3 took them and wildly expanded on them. This post will showcase my ideal team for the second generation of Pokémon, and whilst this generation still includes Pokémon from the original 151, I will set a rule for using only generation specific Pokémon in these lists, sorry Ninetails!

Here we go:


To start things off is one of the cutest Pokémon ever designed! The baby form of series mascott Pikachu first came to my attention when I watched the second movie as a kid and it featured the ‘Pichu Brothers’ messing around with Pikachu and getting chased by a Houndour. Their mischievous and playful behaviour really stuck with me, and ever since then I’ve always wanted my own little Pichu to mess around with. If I were to have a team mascott it would have to be given to Pichu every time!


Ever look out your window in the morning and see that crow just staring at you, waiting for the moment you look away so as to slyly hop another inch towards that valuable item of yours that you’ve left out. Why does the crow want this item? Because it want’s to annoy, you not because it needs it. Yeah, Murkrow is the Pokémon I want on my team just to be an annoying little pest to everyone else. Murkrow has a roughish, scheming design that begs me to put it on my team. Plus think of all the shiney things it will steal for me!


Time for my powerhouse of the second generation. Starting out as a rather cute and cuddly Larvitar, after evolving twice it becomes the beastly pseudo-legendary Pokémon Tyranitar! Now aside from being an absolute monster in battle, having access to powerful rock and dark type moves, I want Tyranitar on my team due to its original Pokémon Crystal Pokédex entry: ‘In just one of its mighty hands, it has the power to make the ground shake and mountains crumble’. That’s right, Tyranitar can demolish a mountain with its bare hands! If that’s not badass’ enough to earn a spot on a trainers team, I genuinely don’t know what is. It can mega-evovle too.


I’m a huge dog lover, so when I discovered a real dog Pokémon, that was a dual dark and fire type I knew I had to have it! Houndoom is a powerful canine decorated in bones with two large horns and a devil like tail. This hellish appearance is only reinforced by its description in the Pokémon Crystal Pokédex entry: ‘The pungent-smelling flame that shoots from its mouth results from toxins burning in its body’. Houndoom is literally a cauldron of pain and misery awaiting its opponents. That said I’d still like to play a game of fetch and give it tummy rubs…Am I taking too many chances here?!


The first steel type Pokémon I ever owned and the evolved form of scyther, who rightfully had a spot on my generation 1 list. Scizor takes everything good about scyther and makes it so, so much better! Whilst losing some speed in battle, Scizor boasts increased attack power and defensive capabilities capable of taking a lot of punishment whilst inflicting the same on its enemies. The carmine red appearance of Scizor truly makes it stand out in a world full of unique creatures and for me Scizor offers everything I want for a sharp, strong and downright cool Pokémon.


As you have probably figured by now, dark type Pokémon are my favourite. My final spot on this list goes to the dark type evolution of Eevee; Umbreon. This Pokémons design and abilities truly embrace the essence of a dark type Pokémon. Small and sleek, Umbreon is often highly underestimated due to its lack of raw power, however, like many dark types, Umbreon uses underhanded attacks and trickery to overcome it’s opponents. What I like most about this Pokémon though is its appearance. The big red eyes, the yellow rings around its jet black body, its small and decietful stature. Umbreon is without a doubt my favourite evolution of Eevee and whilst not my favourite dark type Pokémon, is absolutely my favourite from generation two.

Much like my ideal team for the first generation, there were a number of Pokémon that I very closely considered for this team but just missed out on for the six that are above. So these will be given honourable mentions:

Sneasel – A dark and ice type pokemon, Sneasel has sharp claws and a vicious tempermemt, perfect for a fast attacking team

Mantine – Because who doesn’t love manta rays! 

Steelix – The evolved form of Onix and one of the most defensive Pokémon ever made, this beast would be suited to any slow and patient trainer.

Heracross – A huge beetle that has access to fighting type attacks and a gigantic horn to toss people overhead with, what’s not to like?!

That’s it for the second generation, I’m really enjoying these team lists. Pokémon was a massive part of my childhood, the trading card game, the show, the gameboy and DS games, I absolutely cannot get enough of them. I will aim to do a team for every generation eventually, so next up will be generation 3! 

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading!!

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