My Ideal Generation 1 Pokémon team

The six Pokémon I would choose to make my generation 1 team.


To follow on from my previous post about which starter I should pick when starting my new game on Pokémon Blue, i’ve decided to discuss what my ideal team for the first generation of Pokémon would be in general. When building my team I’m not really the type of person to be too picky about how strong a Pokémon is compared to another, instead I choose Pokémon that I think look great, have interesting concepts and can see as being great companions for a Pokémon adventure!

Let’s begin:


Starting off with my favourite normal type from the first generation, and whilst Tauros is a very close second, the elegant feline Persian has to have a space on the team. Evolving from Meowth, Persian’s design is really simple and this is what draws me to this Pokémon. It’s a very simple, normal type Pokémon that fits into any team. Whilst these cats are known to be extremely fickle and temperamental, in combat Persian makes up for its risky nature. It is extremely fast, has a decent attack, and offers a varied moveset. I like Pokémon that are elegantly designed and Persian is the type of cat that graces others with its presence, not get graced with theirs. 


Next up I have to include the preying mantis Pokémon that is Scyther. This bug and flying type Pokémon​ always lands a space in my team because of its raging ‘cool’ factor. It’s somewhat reptilian design with bladed arms and an aggressive personality is what makes Scyther a must have for me. It’s the Pokémon I rely on to get me out of a tight spot as it possess superior attack and speed to most other Pokémon. Scyther combines cool looks with deadly attacks to present itself as a must have for any fast paced trainer. 


The first generation of is home to a lot of powerhouse Pokémon; Rhydon, Kangaskhan, Snorlax and more. For me though, Nidoking is my powerhouse of choice, and these are the reasons why. Firstly, his design is really interesting, poisonously purple colouring, large spikey features and reptilian aspects, he just looks awesome! Secondly, Nidoking is a poison and ground type Pokémon, giving it access to a wide range of powerful moves that can also inflict debilitating status effects. Lastly, Nidoking stands out more than the others because of his beastly and frightening appearnce, complete with a huge poisonous horn, big threatening clawed hands, and a terrifying scowl showing that it means business from the outset.


In every group of friends there’s always the practical joker, pushing people’s limits, winding them up and making everyone else laugh. For me, this is Haunter. Whilst Haunter can evolve to Gengar, I prefer to keep Haunter as it is. It’s mischievous smile makes me feel like it’s always up to no good and that it can’t take anything seriously, which is why I like it so much. In a team filled with serious, graceful and elegant Pokémon, Haunter brings the kooky, laidback nature that is always needed to keep everyone going in life. That said, in combat Haunter is not to be taken lightly, it’s ghostly abilities and impressive speed can leave opponents flat out without realising what happened to them!


Im a real fan of water type Pokémon, second only to dark type Pokémon for me. Generation one has a lot of great water types to chose from, however Vaporeon is my water type of choice (sorry Squirtle). Vaporeon has one of the best designs for a Pokémon in the entire series, perfectly blending in aspects of marine and land animals together. This Pokémon has the ability to literally ‘melt’ into water as a means to camouflage itself. It can use a diverse moveset and is formidable in battle. For me though, I choose to have vaporeon on my team simply because of how unique and interesting its appearance is.

My final spot goes to my favourite generation one Pokémon, the magnanimous and majestic fox, Ninetails. I’m a fox lover, and Ninetails is a literally nine tailed fox that breathes fire and has psychic powers, it’s bacisally my dream animal companion. Whilst nowhere near the most powerful fire type Pokémon in the series, Ninetails can hold its own in a fight, preferring to rely on sublime tactics rather than outright power. If I were to call a Pokémon beautiful by design, Ninetails claims that title through its graceful and elegant appearance. If a game gives me the chance of having Ninetails on my team, you can be damn sure I’ll have one.

These six Pokémon make up my ideal team if I can only pick six. However, seeing as there are 151 to choose from I would like to honourably mention a few that were just missing out from this team:

Farfetch’d – A quirky duck with a monobrow that beats up its opponents with a leek, seriously what’s not to love!

Ditto –  A Pokémon that can become any other Pokémon it want’s, the literal definition of versatility.

Jolteon – The electric version of Vaporeon, an awesome Pokémon that is a real problem for water and flying types.

Arbok – I love snakes, not as much as foxes, but I enjoy how observant and stealthy they are, Arbok is no exception.

That’s it for my ideal team, do you agree with some of my choices? Do you think my whole team is an utter disaster? What would your ideal team be? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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